Portland Chapter Officers and Positions for 2018-2019

To contact any of these people, send a message to the webmaster, who will forward it.

Officers Committee Chairs
President Caroline Enns Attendance
Karen Hanson
Vice President Steve McCormick
Dan McLaughlin
Secretary Steve Hopkins CSRG Gatehouse
Stephanie Kress
Treasurer Dick Cavender CSRG Events Coordinator
Rachael Moloney
Past President Dennis O'Malley CSRG Volunteer Coordinator
Dottie Alberg
Door Prizes
Joanne Turner
Dick Cavender
    Friends of CSRG
Dan McLaughlin
Board Members through 6/30/2019 Honors
Linda Rumgay, Mike Stewart
David Anderson Steve Hall Hospitality
Barbara MacArthur & Friends
John Stephens Maria Stewart Library/Archives
Maria Stewart
Brenda Ziegler Mailing
Maria Stewart
Steve McCormick, John Stephens
Board Members through 6/30/2020 Newsletter
Tom Hoffman
Ann Clack Ray Clack Nominations
Mike Stewart
Betsy Soifer Mike Stewart Plant Sales
Mike Domashofsky, Bob MacArthur
Joanne Turner Publicity
Dennis O'Malley
Show Coordinator
Caroline Enns
Smith Garden
Dick Cavender
Ann Clack
Steve Hall